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no more mystery cans

CanDo reusable braille labels make identifying contents of containers a snap.

can of peas wearing a pre-made CanDo braille label

2020 Winner of the Louis Braille Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation

Ready to Use

Easy to read Grade 1 or 2 braille on the front face, and engraved text inside for sighted folks.


Labels use no adhesives and are hand washable for reusing. Braille dots are built in and cannot get smooshed.

Money Saving

Easily locate and trust the contents of the items you purchase. No more mystery cans.


CanDo reusable braille labels snap quickly onto the outside of a can, bottle, or jar and can go anywhere you do.

Independence Building

CanDo labels increase opportunities for independence for users of all ages --at home, school, work, or play.

Freezer and Fridge Friendly

Ideal for fridge, freezer, and even ice-chest use. Please hand wash.

For Cans, Jars, and Bottles

salad dressing bottle wearing a tiny CanDo label
View Braille Salad Dressing Labels
A ground cumin spice bottle wearing a tiny CanDo label
View Braille Spice Labels
a dewy Monster can wearing a CanDo braille label
View Braille Drink Labels
a can of black beans wearing a CanDo label
View Braille Food Labels

For Everything Else

tile cleaner spray bottle wearing a CanDo box label
View Braille Household Goods Labels
a bag of crispy crowns wearing a CanDo box label around its middle
View Braille Frozen Potato Labels
Rice a Roni box wearing an elastic CanDo braille label
View Braille Rice Labels
package of ham lunchmeat wearing an elastic CanDo braille label
View Braille Meat Labels

What customers are saying about their CanDo labels:

"I have spent years and years making my own braille labels. I thought they were quite good ones until I got one of yours in my hands... and the rest is history!"
-D.P. (North Carolina)
"These should work much better than my homemade braille cards and rubber band method. The braille is sharp enough even for my damaged fingers to read it."
-D.R. (California)
"Thank you very much for sending these! They are wonderful!"
-R.S. (Virginia)
"The labels are completely readable, with excellent braille. Thanks and best of luck with your well run business and great products."
-T.F. (California)
"Can Do labels are simple, powerful, innovative, useful, durable and unique."
-S.L. (Maryland)
"I am a Braille transcriptionist and so anytime I get to do business with a company that treats me this well I will definitely become a repeat customer."
-T.J. (Maryland)
"The cup labels are perfect!  They fit perfectly and are holding up great to everyday use at school! Thanks for taking the time to make them just the right size! We love them!"
-L.W. (Colorado)
"I am very impressed with the clever idea and the quality of these labels."
-J.D. (Virginia)
"I have used your products quite extensively. I've also stressed tested them quite a bit. They honestly seem to be able to put up with a lot of wear and tear. They are really great products and I am very happy with them. Nothing but positive feedback."
-M.M. (Arizona)

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