Cando braille labels are semi-rigid, incomplete circle shapes, that clip snugly around the outside of a container. Grade 2 U.S. braille is modeled into the outside face of the label, and corresponding engraved text is found on the inside face.

inside view of a fridge shelf full of cans of Bud Light with yellow cando labels on them

Simply place the reusable Cando braille label on the corresponding jar, bottle, lid or can. You can ask your pharmacist, grocery bagger or delivery person to assist if needed by using the engraved text inside the label to quickly apply it to the correct container.

Two cando holders with concrete bases vertical black wood planks and 16 candos on each displayed

When you’re done using the label, you can pull it off and place it on the optional concrete and wood holder available here.  The braille embossed labels on the holder then act as a readable braille shopping list.

Schools, training centers and workplaces can all benefit from Cando reusable braille labels. Whether applied to chemical bottles in chemistry classes, or food items in cooking classes, Candos increase successful independent studying and practice, while making it safer and more efficient for blind or low-vision employees, students, and staff.

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