How Do CanDo Braille Labels Work?

CanDo labels come in two main styles: Original CanDo labels and CanDo Box Labels.

Original CanDo labels
Round, semi-rigid plastic rings with a gap– similar to a letter C shape or a cuff bracelet. Choose these to fit standard cylindrical cans, bottles, and jars. The sizes of each label correspond to the jar or can they were created for — so, a green bean CanDo label may not fit your spaghetti sauce jar.

a can of campbells chicken noodle soup on a pantry shelf wearing a CanDo label
a bag of crispy crowns wearing a CanDo box label around its middle

CanDo Box labels
small, rigid plaques with barbed elastic bands strung through the sides. The elastic is hardy enough for freezer use, so no more brittle rubber bands coming apart in your hands.

For both types of labels, Grade 1 or 2 braille is molded into the front face when it’s made, and the back face has the corresponding engraved text for sighted folks.

How to Use CanDo Labels

To use CanDo Box Labels, simply wrap the box, bag, or carton with the label. If the elastic becomes too long, you can double wrap it like a ponytail holder.

To use original CanDo labels, press the gap of the CanDo onto the rounded surface of the can, bottle, or jug until it expands to surround it, and then clicks into place snugly.

To remove original CanDo labels, simply slide them up and off the container. There’s a little ramp built in so it can jump over those little can lips.

front of Trix cereal box with braille label held on by an elastic band
backside view of Trix braille label showing the engraved text