New Product Announcement

New Product Introduction – May 2020

Hi there! I’ve recently released some new braille label products and wanted to share some details with you directly.

salad dressing bottle wearing a tiny CanDo label

New Salad Dressing CanDo Labels – $2

  • Same features as an original CanDo reusable braille label, only smaller.
  • Designed to fit around the necks of Wishbone, Hidden Valley and Kraft salad dressing bottles.
  • Abbreviated options use only Grade 2 UEB.

a bag of crispy crowns wearing a CanDo box label around its middle

New Box (or bag, or carton) CanDo Labels – $3

  • Great for changing or irregularly shaped packages, these small, 3D printed plaques have the same great braille on the front and engraved text on the back.
  • Held on by a replaceable barbed elastic – very similar to what’s found on party hats, these labels last –even in the freezer.
  • Larger elastics can be stretched to hold more than one product at a time.
  • 380+ designs available, multiple sizes of elastics.

Also, to make the ordering process easier, I’ve implemented a cart recovery tool. This works when you sign in to and start adding products to your cart. If you’re pulled away, need to double check on a product, or are simply thinking it over, a secure link to your cart will be emailed to you with your label choices still in it, within a couple of days. You can click the button in the email to continue building your cart, or to check out. I hope it improves your checkout experience.

If you have any questions or comments on these notices, or any of my products, you can email me at or call me toll-free at 1 (855) 226-3641.

I hope you are doing well during these very unusual times.